Krug Investment OÜ is a privately owned company.

We invest in synergy. At Krug Investment we seek out and join forces with progressive companies and smart investors who want to be part of a dynamic partnership – a partnership that has the power to fuel innovation, to infuse new energy into our communities, and to create new wealth for everyone involved.

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Krug Investment’s consulting activities have internationally experienced increasing demand and success. Our focus is consulting foreign companies with goal to market their products & services in specific global markets. Krug Investment has a broad international experience covering a wide range of business activities where we cover a number of business ventures.

With the addition of new partners

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Krug investment’s strategy is to support exceptional management teams in businesses where there is an opportunity to significantly increase equity value for shareholders. Our focus is not limited to specific industry sectors but preference is given to businesses benefitting from growing consumer trends in the region and related sectors. Historically we have extensive experience of profitably investing in Infrastructure related businesses.

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